Tarot Card of the Day: Death

Normally when tarot readers draw out the death card, the interpretation, or meaning, of "Death" shifts and changes based on what others view it as individually rather than collectively. The death card holds many meanings but a key meaning is transformation and changes. In Tarot, Death signifies something of deep meaning coming to an end so that something else can begin and that the changes that are occurring are necessary as it a major event that affects you deeply.

On December 7, 2021, the Death Card in the upright position advises for you to not look upon the end of a situation as somberly, or as gravely, as you believe or view it to be but rather, for you to look at what you are leaving behind as a sign that you are re-igniting your passions and beginning to proceed towards your plans for bigger things. As you're stepping forward through the gates of change, you're walking away from a situation that was a necessary learning experience; leaving behind what is done, leaving behind what does not serve you anymore and walking through the gates of new opportunities and a powerful, transitional change.

Like a graveyard, you're burying and laying to rest everything that has impacted you, giving your proper respects, remembering and embracing what was gained, learned and experienced but peacefully parting ways and giving the situation a healthy separation. You may feel the need to hold on, or hope, that coming back will provide more but the main thing I hear is: You've already learned and acquired what was needed to further proceed to what is meant for you. Passion Projects are beginning to come into fruition and there is also mention of receiving a message regarding something that was forgotten about, the message may not be immediate but take caution, as it may appear deceiving or deceptive. Drink plenty of water and adopt a healthy healing and coping process that works best for you through this transitional change. Blue and Yellow are the main colors that come to mind when considering this 1 card draw as well as the numbers 2, 11, 14 and 24. Deck Used: The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Deck DISCLAIMER: Take what resonates and leave what does not.

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