My Personal Experience with Social Media Management

Hello Everyone,

I have not been too active on my blog site however, I have been excessively active within the works of social media and my newly opened PeacefulPatootie shop. It has honestly been a few weeks and becoming more active on social media and managing my own engagement schedule has been an bumpy ride so far.

Most of the time, the algorithms of social media have been changing constantly so it is a matter of attempting to figure out: A. How to beat the algorithm and B. How to grow my own platforms to gain the necessary traffic for it. From what I have seen over the course of a month now, the work and effort I have incorporated into my own schedule to figure out the solutions to these issues are mind-boggling. Currently, I actively manage 3 of my own Instagram accounts (Art, Personal, Pet) ,1 Facebook page (Art & Art Shop), 2 blog sites (Art Portfolio, General) and 1 live streaming channel (Art & Gaming). For one person, it may, or may not, seem like a lot of work to manage but there are actually a few factors that play in mind when attempting to organically grow your own social media profiles and gain an genuine audience.

The truth to growing your own social media and gaining the genuine traffic is dedication, consistency and self-motivation. If you want to be your own leader then you need to show the public that you are capable of building everything up and leading it. True, 'Boss' is normally the word that everyone uses but it's ironically a little bit of a let down term for me (personally). When I think about wanting to manage my own things and grow my own brand, I don't want to think of being a 'Boss' since I enjoy what I do. I just want to lead my idea of a brand into the possibility of being reality. However, the steps I have been taking to make this idea into a reality are honestly a lot of work followed by trial and error.

Normally for you to gain the necessary traffic to grow, you need to understand the values of certain 'Hashtags,' scheduling the amount of times to post during the week and how to grab the audiences attention. Being an artist, normally I make my posts centered around a certain theme; such as pastels and play on words.

When I was first starting off I needed to contribute art pieces consistently (3 posts a week; Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) to start appearing on people's Instagram pages and to gain their interest. When you look at the beginning of my art Instagram, you can already see a few 'fandom' references and a few play on word images. For example: there is a Teen Titan's post, a Sailor Moon Post, Studio Ghibli Post and a Halloween post. Therefore, by creating these pieces that contribute to the fandom's then more people are more likely to view my posts and to see my gallery. Sometimes having an aesthetic and maintaining it can be a true challenge, seeing as now my gallery is a bit off from its' original aesthetic design but my audience is a bit more forgiving with it. With these posts, you have to keep in mind that the specific timing of when you post on the scheduled days also plays an important role in social media growth. Which is why it is important to look at the statistics that are provided by your Instagram profiles whenever possible to see what are the best times to upload.

Now when you're attempting to choose hashtags that would better promote the new posts there are actual websites that can provide insight on what hashtags can provide you with a better chance of having your post viewed; sites such as tagblender, best-hashtags. For Fandoms, you can easily use the name of the shows, games or brand name as a starting hashtag. For Example: When I create Disney post, I focus on incorporating a variety of Disney hashtags therefore, a lot more Disney Fans will be able to see my post and be able to checkout my profile or other posts. However, I will have to figure out what are good times to post it and on specific days.

Another factor that contributes to natural growth is avoiding those scam accounts that offer to give you followers for a price tag; those are essentially bots that affect your account negatively. Buying Followers and Likes does not help your account and will not help you grow. Besides that, the famous 'Follow for Follow' also negatively affects you in the long run because you do not want to maintain an account that has a follower to follow ration of 600/600 or even higher. You want to maintain a positive follower count therefore, as much as you want to financially invest in bottled followers or even do follow for follow, you must avoid those at all costs.

What I do a lot is post a lot on my instagram stories; giving sneak peeks to WIP (Work in Progress) art pieces, announcements for the art shop, share other artist's work and just overall be excessively active on instagram or other social media platforms.

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