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Recently, my partner and I had gone on a business trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and

KPOT Restaraunt Front
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when you're on a trip, regardless of the reason, the first thing to do is to take advantage of your time spent there to explore the area and locate any unique stores, current events happening and mainly any delicious food spots. When my partner and I had arrived to Philadelphia, we had not eaten anything at all since the night prior so we were ready to explore and locate a place to eat nearby to our hotel, the Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia Bensalem. Even though the hotel was next to a Carabba's Italian Grill, we were hungry for an all you can-eat type of restaurant. One of my previous co-workers, who is a local in the area, had suggested an all you can eat restaurant called "K-POT" that offered both Korean hot pot and BBQ cuisine. The KPOT restaurant location seemed like a hidden away gem behind a tall slope of pine cones and was across from a big Dave and Busters Location alongside the mall. The interior of the restaurant was clean and spacious and there was barely any customers seated inside so we were seated immediately when we arrived.

The menu had shown that there were restrictions based on what you wanted to eat (Hot Pot, BBQ or both) and what time you wanted to eat (lunch, dinner). The server advised that we can choose to have either Lunch or Dinner (pricing difference) and either Hot Pot, BBQ or for $5 both. The important thing to note is that there are certain restrictions based what you choose overall; dinner items had a blue note on the top right corner that read "Dinner Item" so you could only order the items if you chose the dinner menu. Initially, we had decided to have the dinner menu for Korean BBQ since we preferred having a wide selection of items to choose from. We had 2 different servers that were both very helpful, quick and attentive to our table, the only time we really had to call on them was strictly for an extra pair on tongs and to pay the bill.

The food portions, such as the plates of requested food items and the bowl of rice, were reasonable and filled us up quickly. We were given a time limit of 2 hours, which was a generous amount of time, to request and cook our food; normally Korean BBQ or Hot Pot locations provide roughly about an hour to an hour and a half to order, cook and eat your food.

I had ordered Garlic Shrimps, Chicken Bulgogi and Steak Bulgogi and I wished that I had more room in my stomach, at the time, to have ordered more food to try. A lot of the menu items looked extremely appetizing, especially the Premium Ribeye Steak, K-Pot Short Rib and Jumbo Shrimp.

I believe our first waiter had turned our grill to the highest setting since most of the food items had cooked within shorter amounts of time than what they usually require for cooking.

Left to Right: Garlic Shrimp, K-Pot Short Rib, Steak Bulgogi, Prime Brisket

The garlic shrimps were relatively between a small-medium size, tails, shells and heads removed and cleaned; in comparison to the Jumbo Shrimp that requires you to remove everything yourself prior to cooking. When proceeding to cook the garlic shrimp my partner had added butter to the grill while the garlic shrimps were cooking which actually heightened the taste of the shrimp and garlic.

When cooking the Steak Bulgogi, I had to consistently keep tabs of the cooking time for it since I didn't want it to end up fully cooked and dried out which would have caused it to lose it's savory, salty and sweet flavor. The amount of Steak Bulgogi that was provided was personally, a little bit overwhelming and had filled me up quicker than the Chicken Bulgogi and Garlic Shrimp but I'm naturally a sucker for some delicious Steak Bulgogi.

The Chicken Bulgogi is what really put my stomach to the limit since it tasted just as savory and salty but lacked the sweetness that the Steak Bulgogi offered; it was a new experience being able to eat Chicken Bulgogi so it was a bit awkward to try, let alone making sure every piece of the chicken pieces had been cooked before consumption. I would say that cooking the Chicken Bulgogi required more time than the Steak Bulgogi due to the fact that I would still find minor raw pieces that still required more cooking time.

The tall mountain of sticky, white rice was a highly filling portion as well, I couldn't even finish my bowl of rice so I was impressed when my partner finished theirs with ease; they had ordered a lot more than I did in comparison. Yet, the rice does serve as a great condiment when eating Steak or Chicken Bulgogi. Especially when the savory and sweet marinated sauce of Bulgogi uplifts the neutral but fulfilling taste The white rice and garlic shrimp is not necessarily a good tasting combo but it's also based on personal preference as well.

For a Korean BBQ and Hot Pot lover, this KPOT restaurant serves as a comfortable, hide away spot to enjoy lunch or dinner with friends and family since the tables are normally for groups and there are lots of different options to choose from with ample amount of time to comfortably dine together. I believe that the menu and atmosphere are both calm and enjoyable at the same time since you have options that are savory, sweet, spicy and provide variety that can be intertwined in casual conversations mid-dining. If you're looking for a casual but fulfilling time to have Korean BBQ or Hot Pot for lunch or dinner in Philadelphia then stop by and hide away at K-POT.

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