Daft Punk: Coming Back One More Time in 2022?

Over a year ago today, February 22nd, the well renowned electronic duo known as "Daft

Punk," had announced that they would be officially splitting up after 28 years. Following this announcement, they had also uploaded a video to their main Daft Punk YouTube Channel titled Epilogue; a video that allowed the duo to express their final goodbye to their many listeners around the world one more time. Ever since that day, the duo has remained silent on all platforms until today: February 22, 2022.

Over on the DaftPunk Instagram page, all the previously uploaded images have been removed and with only four images being recently uploaded. They uploaded multiple Instagram stories to their account, garnering the interest of over 997K Fans and Followers. 1 Instagram image and video post references both the duo's first concert tour known as Daftendirektour, a 1997 Live Los Angeles performance and a brief announcement that they have officially launched a Twitch.TV channel that is currently live; broadcasting the1997 Live Los Angeles performance to over 10K viewers and garnering over 126K Followers.

Over on DaftPunk's Twitter Page, currently at 71.3K Followers, they have strictly posted 3 tweets with identical images to their Instagram posts; their latest tweet at 6:51 PM displays the following:

Linking to the various streaming platforms that users can go to for the duo's music. The original DaftPunk website, that was also their main platform to advertise their music, merchandise, music and posts had originally been deactivated.

Writers Note: They used to sell ornaments, vinyl records and the varsity jacket; I wish I was able to afford the varsity jacket at the time.

Regardless of the latest tweet shown here, Many fans and online users, such as myself, are speculating if these sudden online actions; uploaded Instagram posts & stories, debuted Twitch.Tv channel, currently broadcasting twitch.tv live, brand new twitter account, re-activating & re-branding the main website on the duo's anniversary will reveal a potential revival tour announcement.

Over on the DaftPunk Youtube Channel, currently at 5.11 million subscribers, their latest community tab posts also listed identical images alongside the ones uploaded to both their Instagram and Twitter pages as well. There are also 2 recent video uploads from today following up to the recent debut of "Homework 25th;" latest video upload was 23 minutes ago showing the following:

As mentioned already, the website DaftPunk.com has been re-activated and rebranded; strictly promoting the twitch channel, twitch broadcast and offering for users to sign up for newsletters with their emails.

DaftPunk Website Screenshot by Me

UPDATE: As of 7:04 PM, the website has changed to pre-orders for Vinyl records for both "Homework - 25 years" and "Alive 1997." The website is also providing the options to "view" or "download" the music of either option as well.

DaftPunk Website Screenshot by Me

Regardless of the duo having already amicably split up and gone their separate ways, seeing as 1 robot assisted the other in self destructing during Epilogue, the response they received was an immediate amount of love, nostalgia and positivity being the answer back from their fans. They left with the parting phrase "If Love is the Answer, You're Home," for the many fans and listeners of Daft Punk, their online presence today on their anniversary will always be a reminder of their home.

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