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With the holiday’s coming up, you many want to send Grandma or Grandpa some beautiful family holiday save the date cards or even send out a save the date graduation card to remind the whole family of the special occasion. Maybe you‘re that happy couple that wants to be a little bit spontaneous and send out the gift of announcing your winter wonderland wedding. Yet, you want a different font style, specific theme or maybe even a debate over foiled With Basic Invite, it makes the difficulty of finding customizable and affordable Holiday cards very easy with a simple click of your mouse!

The Best Part, besides being a part of these memorable events, is being able to send out the cards and invitations that you suit your design interests in commemorating the event. This past month, I actually had the honor of giving my own card ideas for my siblings’ graduation and my cousins upcoming wedding that will be this month. When I thought about the card designs, I wanted them to be unique holiday cards and not to be the same old, in store designs that you would casually find anywhere. I wanted something fresh and unique so I had actually searched around online and came across the site BasicInvite. From the simple, and elegant, website designs to the customized stationery’s, you can created any beautiful, photo holiday custom cards for any occasion for the holidays.

You actually have unlimited color options; you click one color and it leads you to various color

options, that's nearly a 180 different colors to pick from. It's not just only 'changing the card

colors,' you can even specify the color options for each of the littlest details, I tend to have a bad habit of paying attention to too much detail but it's my way of wanting the card to be perfect. The best part is that you can instantly see the changes being made and how it looks within the online preview.

I'm also the type of person that enjoys having a sample of the product to physical view it and decide if it suits my interests and captures the creative vision I had in my mind. I was amazed to find out that you can actually order a printed sample, within an affordable price, of your actual invitation just to see how it will print on your chosen paper quality before even placing the final order.

(I was actually obsessed with the Foil Cards; they have them in gold, silver and my favorite: Rose Gold. Don't worry, we have a choice between flat or raised foil designs!)

Besides all this customizing goodness, we also have to consider the final step: Trying to reach our invited friends and family to get their home addresses as soon as possible. We all know Mom isn't answering her phone since she may be having fun looking at cute cat videos or

maybe grandma is learning how to use Facebook.

Carefully Cushioned Packaging

Don't fret, the Basic Invite website is social media friendly as a way to help you get your friends and family to send you the necessary information as soon as possible. They offer an address capturing service that allows us, the customers, to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request our friends and family’s addresses. The provided information is privately stored in the our customer account, so it puts me at ease to know that the information is safely stored and it can also be selected during the design process; even offer recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders.

So for anyone that has any upcoming events for the Holidays, I would recommend having your cards custom created by Basic Invite. They are actually offering a discount of 15% off your order with coupon code: 15FF51

Remember, the holidays are yours and it's time to show it with your custom cards!

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