Creative & Technical Mindset

When you go through life believing as though you have everything planned out ahead of time, what we tend to forgot is how, besides life events affecting us, we can also affect the plans that we set up for ourselves because of what we desire for our own future.

It is not secret that the pathway of life is not the straight line that many people tend to think it is, the pathway always experiences a variety of issues; forks in the road, road blocks, re-construction, sharp turns, four way stops and an end so you have to turn around & figure out a different path. I have experienced the usual roads that feel like one-ways, forks and hitting minor road blocks that were both expected and UN-expected. It is rather ironic, I'm a technical individual that has focused on their life from a technical standpoint but desires the creative freedom in life.

When I look over a lot of my own personal, commercial and coursework projects, it is such a difference between what I expect from myself Technically versus what I truly desire Creatively.

I believe that I've been experiencing what others also tend to deal with when it comes to what you desire out of your career and your life. Do you base your career on a passion or turn your own passion into a career?

Writing & Drawing are my passions but I enjoy the open format of writing because I can freely

write about any topic rather than what is required or demanded of me. I don't really consider myself as a fully detailed 'creative' or 'poetic' writer since my writing tends to be more of an insider for myself rather than others. I do understand the rules of writing from a technical standpoint but the rules of poetry are too confining for the 'creativity' to flow; I have taken a creative writing course in college and poetry writing is not my forte at all.

Being on the verge of earning of a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Communication, I believe that even though I have done all this technical coursework to showcase my 4 years of experience, I believe I have more to show on the technicalities within the graphic and creative side than I do for the Technical side.

With my desire to be Technically Creative, I have done the following:

- Created my current website based upon College Coding experience.

- Created Products, Product Designs and a social media presence.

- Created partnerships with manufacturers through my customer service experience.

- Created an Etsy shop that I currently manage and maintain by myself.

- Learned marketing & SEO tactics by trial and error analysis.

- Learned a variety of position based skills through my own drive to teach myself.

Even with these achievements, I desire an opportunity to continue being independently both Technical and Creative but I know that I also have to utilize my degree to obtain a desirable position within the Technical field. These feelings and thoughts make me feel like a bride that may be experiencing 'cold feet' but attempting to resolve the issue with a compromise. Creativity is my hobby but so is the Technical Writing that diverts my mind in this mental fork in the road.

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