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Within the art and illustration community, sometimes we tend to be in a mini DIY craze of self learning and wanting to do things for ourselves; especially when we are figuring out how to create mock up designs of our art and trying to figure out the technicalities of sizing. For myself, I have been creating both official, and un-official, emote designs for a while now and have officially submitted 3 emote sets to the LINE APP Creator Market. At the beginning, I struggled to figure out how to even get started and had to search through twitch guidelines and YouTube videos to gain a better understanding on how to better my own style and designs. However, when it came to locating tutorials or tips on LINE Sticker Emotes, there was one video that I found online but sadly, It was in a language that I could not understand nor were there subtitles to be found. Therefore, I attempted to decipher what could possibly be the process of what that artist within the video was trying to show me and now I want to help out other artists that want to create and submit their own LINE emotes.


First and Foremost: When it comes to my canvas size, I normally work with a 2048 by 2048 px (pixel) canvas to work on all the emote designs, chat thumbnail icon and main image in one fairly sized canvas. However, this is due to the fact that you will be individually downsizing and saving the emote designs into a 370 by 320 px (pixel) png canvas when you want to begin submitting them to LINE. Besides this, you will also need to work on a chat thumbnail icon that will you will downsize to a 96 by 74 px (pixel) png canvas and a main icon (which will essentially be your emote set’s thumbnail in the LINE Creator Market).

However, to start off: You have to consider a theme, number of emotes and rough designs. Whenever I make my emote sets, I think about a theme, how many I want to make and proceed to sketch out the designs. For example, when I created my first emote set (Ritsuko, the dog gal) I wanted to only create 8 facial emote designs (Originally it was supposed to be 8 designs but it jumped to 16) with the animal ears being a part of the design. Now, when you want to create these facial designs, you have to consider that sometimes simplicity can speak volumes. Having dramatized and simple expressions tends to be a lot easier to express and can be automatically recognized by anyone that wants to use them. When it came to Ritsuko, you will notice that her entire design (both her facial features and ears) is expressive. However, you are able to acknowledge some of the common emotions; such as Happy, Sad and Angry.

When you‘re outlining and finalizing your emotes, the initial color and thickness of art lining is another important factor for your designs. Normally, I tend to use dark colored and thick lines to allow my designs to stand out. The color scheme I use is strictly flat colors however, you are more than welcome to use your own color scheme of blended colors and etc.

When it comes to understanding the theme and designing, I would also suggest looking through the LINE Creators Market to see all the sticker designs that are currently on sale.They can also help you understand the gist of what you may be looking for with the emote designs.


When you are content with your designs, you need to save each emote individual as a png file (as well as the main icon and chat thumbnail).

It is highly imperative to label what your emotes represent emotionally and to identify what is both your main icon and thumbnail.

Here is what you should have ready so far:

  • A title name for your emote set (Example: Inu-Gal Ritskuo and Cute Devil Mimi)

  • Your individually saved emotes, main icon and chat thumbnail

  • An initial mock up design of the full combined set. (The images I've inputted into this blog post for reference)

  • A link to any social media platform, or your own blog, post that has that mock up design uploaded. (I'll get into the necessity of this one point in a little bit.)

Now, that everything is ready, it's time to proceed with uploading!

You will head on over to the LINE Creators Market and select either "Register Here." As long as your have a LINE account, you can instantly log in and it will connect your account to the LINE Creator Market. Now your screen should appear like this:

Now you notice how there are three tabs: Sticker, Emoji and Theme; I'm only covering Stickers. However, you can create and upload emoji's and themes, even animated stickers yet, I normally don't animate.

If you are not sure about if your stickers are correct or not, then you can click on "Take your stickers on a test run!" which will essentially open a Line messaging simulator. You can temporarily upload your stickers onto that simulator and test them out on a pretend conversation to determine if they are clearly visible, fit and are noticeably expressive.

If you don't want to test them and you are content then simply click "New Submission."

A mini prompt with three options will appear reading: Sticker, Emoji, Themes. In this case, I click "Sticker." A 'New Submission' Application page within the video should appear for you.

I am unaware about "Animated Sticker Types" therefore, leave "Stickers" selected.

Here is a thorough step by step process in filling out this application:

  • Sticker Type - Leave "Sticker" Selected.

  • No. of Stickers Per Set - This does not appear until you officially fill out as much information as possible before 'Saving.'

  • Title - Write out the title for your emote set. (As it will be displayed in the market.)

  • Sticker Description - Here you can be creative or direct with your set description. This is just to give some background information on what your theme is, who the character is and anything else you may want to say about the set. (Example: My description for Cute Devil Mimi reads: "Meet Mimi, the cute little devil gal who has made a deal to steal your heart."

  • Add Languages - You can make translations of your Title and Sticker Description in the following languages: Japanese, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Korean, Thai, Indonesian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. However, it is optional and not necessary. However, if you do choose to add languages then you will have to manually translate and enter your title and sticker descriptions yourself within those languages. I personally do it so that all regions are able to view my emote sets comfortably in their own languages however, it is personal preference.

  • Creator's Name - Whatever name you want to be acknowledged as publicly within the market. For Example: My Shop and social media use the name 'PeacefulPatootie' therefore, I have that as my Creator's Name.

  • Copyright - For this, I normal put my shop name and/or Creator name (PeacefulPatootie) to document that it belongs to me and that name.

  • Privacy Setting - Leave it as "Show in LINE STORE/Sticker Shop" because you want your stickers to appear in the shop's new release section and publicly.

  • LINE Stickers Premium - You can select "Join" or "Not Interested" for this. This was recently announced and put out to the public recently. If you select to "Join," then that means that the LINE users who are subscribed to the "Premium Service" are able to use your sticker sets for free. However, LINE guarantees that you will receive 'returns' (or financial compensation) based on the amount of users who send your stickers each month. Your stickers will be sold as usual so it does not affect your revenue as much. It is your own personal preference.

  • Sale Region - If want your stickers to be available to anyone around the world therefore, simple click "Distribute in all available regions." However, if you have a personal preference, specifications, as to where your emotes can be available then select "Sell only in selected regions." This will prompt drop down menus of all the regions and the various locations within those regions that you can check or un-check.

  • Includes Photos - Leave it as "Does not include photos." This is only if you have real life photographs that you will be using as a sticker set. In this case, since our sticker set is drawn we do not have real life, edited photographs.

  • License Certificate - Unless Nintendo or Kim Kardashian gave you a license certificate to sell Yoshi, or Kim Ugly Crying, emotes you don't have to do anything with that.

  • Attach Files - Goes in hand with "License Certificate" therefore, you don't have to do anything with that.

  • Preview URL Link - Paste any link that contains any literal finished viewage of your sticker set. Example: I had uploaded my sticker set mock up designs on my art instagram prior (Remember point #4: A link to any social media platform, or your own blog, post that has that mock up design uploaded.) therefore, they are able to verify that you are the original creator and how the initial designs will appear.

Once you're done with that, you are able to click "Save."

Now the page will now display all the information that you just inputted into the application prior. You scroll a little bit and you should see something like this:

You'll have the 3 tabs that read: Sticker Images, Tag Settings and Price Tier.

Since we want to start uploading all the designs, you'll just click on the "Sticker Images" tab.

Now you will be able to change the number of stickers per set. In this case, it is between 8-32 stickers. However many you choose to upload is personal preference. You do not have to upload each individual design in any particular order however, you must upload the 'Main' which is your 'Main Sticker Set Icon' (for the market display) and your 'Tab' which is your 'Chat thumbnail' (as a mini icon for mobile users' sticker bars to select that sticker set).

Once you have uploaded all your designs, you can initially save that and move on to "Tag Settings."

Now "Tag Settings" will display all your uploaded stickers and now you have the opportunity to connect emotional tags to them. You are allowed up to 3 tags, so you can have better emotional accuracy. This is also important for the reviewers since they will be the ones attempting to figure out if your choice of tags are correct for the stickers'. Therefore, you have a drop down list of various feelings, expressions and emotions to choose from when identifying your stickers. Hence why I said that sometimes simplicity speaks volumes since you will be able to attach multiple expressive and emotional words for your stickers.

Once you have done that for all the emotes, save and proceed to "Price Tier."

There is not much to speak about with price tier, choose a literal 'price' from the drop down menu and save. For example: I put my stickers at $0.99 so anyone can access them however, it is personal preference. Just hit 'Save.'

Now return to the "Display Information," there should be some more prompts to fill if you scroll a little bit down.

All that is left to fill out is determining what "Style Category" and "Character Category" your sticker set is. Besides that, once you have deemed everything is filled out, uploaded and complete. There should be a button located at the top right corner of the screen that reads "Request." Click it and within 2-3 weeks you should be notified via. email if the review status has changed.

If your sticker set is approved then you can simply click the "release" button located on the top right corner of the screen. If your sticker set was unapproved then they will most likely tell you the issue with it in regards to why it was rejected.


Now you also need to set up payments. You can easily click on 'Account Settings' and it will show you 3 tabs; slideshow displays them in order: Basic Information, Email Settings and Transfer Information.

I have blurred out everything that you normally have to fill out for these. However, for the 'Transfer Setting' you can choose whatever payment option you feel comfortable with.

I hope that this blog post helped you a little bit with planning out and uploading any sticker set designs that you planned to upload to LINE App in the future. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to comment them or simply send me an email if you're unsure (Contact Me).

(Eventually I did find a proper tutorial page from LINE themselves on Sticker Emotes.)

Thank You For Reading,


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