Being in Boston, Felt like a Movie

Traveling has always been a rarity for me, usually I don't travel around (due to finances) and just look at the world from documentaries. Recently, I had to travel to Massachusetts to solve a family issue and had learned a lot about the state and it felt as though I had stepped into a different world.

The only way I can describe Boston, Massachusetts: It feels as though I was the main character in a movie and the director had forgotten to tell me "Cut!." The atmosphere of Boston felt extremely surreal, very clean, busy and similar to a lot of movie sets. It was a new experience for me and it was such a different environment from the usual Floridian life that I deal with daily.

What I noticed was the cold weather and I really enjoyed it. I actually wish we would have actual cold weather in Florida rather than that day or two of cool breeze. I didn't really pack much because I'm practically built like a walking radiator (I retain a lot of heat and generate a lot of heat). Therefore, I didn't really rely on wearing sweaters (only for fashionable purposes). The direct sunlight on the city didn't really 'warm it up' or impact the people much but a lot of people were bundled up with scarves and wearing double layers. The nighttime does get excessively cold but I genuinely enjoyed it, a few people gave me some strange looks about being a random girl wearing a sleeveless top (not wearing my jacket) but I didn't mind. Florida heat and humidity becomes too much for me to handle a lot of times hence why this cold weather was a treat.

The overall build and atmosphere of the city appeals to my vintage interests due to the various aesthetic styles that can be utilized everywhere. I've always been very old-fashioned and 'vintage' has always interested me; historical buildings, old technology, vintage clothing, older car models, etc. Seeing a lot of brick sidewalks, brick buildings and mom'n pop businesses made me realize that it's almost as if, time has either stopped or is flowing at a slower pace within the city. It's built for the people; to grow and thrive on accessibility.

There was no smog or smoke in the air, no such thing as any trash on the floor at all, no graffiti anywhere and everyone was mannered, courteous and polite, barely any sign of vulgarities (I am guilty of spewing a few 'special words' or two myself). Everything seemed to be in a walking distance and there were a lot of people that were actually jogging as I had taken a taxi into the city. Surprisingly, I did not find any chain restaurants, or fast food places, within the city; only a small, corner IHOP (that I would not recommend.) and 1 little Starbucks with a 'reserved' second floor. However, There are a lot of bakeries, small food places and farmer's markets. A lot of the food I had eaten was freshly made and organic, even the supermarkets, most of the food was organic and fairly priced.

I had eaten at this small but very popular Bakery called 'Tatte: Bakery & Cafe' where they make everything fresh; the kitchen is an open kitchen so you can see the food and treats being made.

Due to the cold weather, they had a seasonal, warm delicacy that consisted of a tomato bisque type of soup in a medium sized, metal bowl with sour dough bread slices laid next to it served to you on a wooden skillet. It was a bit loud and noisy, besides the line reaching the outside of the bakery, so I was only able to get a fresh, warm baguette and freshly made 'mint lemonade' that was the Bakeries original brand.

The only thing that shocked me was how having your own car is more of luxury and a financial burden due to the lack of parking spaces available within the city. A lot of people normally using the biking lane with their own bikes, take the subway train's, buses, Ubers, Lyfts or Taxi's. I had actually seen around how there were a lot of job opportunities being put up on the store window's and how the cost of living (roughly $1,500 - $2,000 to rent an apartment) was almost more than what it costs nowadays's here in Florida (roughly $1,000-$1,200 to rent an apartment).

The funniest thing was seeing so many huge tour groups in Harvard yet, my sibling taught me that she practically uses the Harvard campus as a shortcut to reach the main 'Harvard Square' of the city. Harvard is always offering tours of the campus daily, even hourly, so you'll always see students and tourists on campus; Heck, everyone is somehow walking around wearing Harvard merchandise and there are even 'Harvard Stores.' Mostly, I had seen plenty of squirrels, dogs on leashes, 1 turkey (randomly on Harvard campus) and strangely, no cats at all.

I do think that living in Massachusetts would be a nice change of pace for me but that'll be on the 'back-burner' for now. The reason that I say that it was such a surreal place was because of my daily life here in Florida. It's normally overly crowded due to the over-population that is currently happening, incoming and outgoing tourists and just having to deal with the chaotic rudeness of the city. Sometimes, it's not fun being the citizen of a 'tourist attraction' when you can't even enjoy it yourself and I have literally lived here all my life. Over the years, I've noticed the lack of mannerism and common courtesy among people here in Florida that I literally re-discovered here in Massachusetts. A bustling but clean and mannered community; a very small amount of city traffic in comparison to the daily grid locking traffic here in Florida. Here I didn't feel as though every time I breathed it was either smog or smoke, it was fresh, clean air and it physically made me feel at ease.

If possible, I would like to go back to practice and refine my photography while also recording more footage to better my cinematography techniques.

A mini, make-shift vlog can be found on my instagram and a little bit of "Tatte: Bakery and Cafe" exclusive footage can be found on my twitter.

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