Be Passionate, Not Pressuring, about Projects!

When it comes to designing and creating art commissions, shop products or casually

drawings, you feel this pressure to come up with a unique and acceptable design. Yet, the more you attempt to make something, the more you experience both a struggle and displeasure with what you're creating and just end up tossing the design into your virtual trash can. It's the expectation and pressure that you place on yourself that becomes your own obstacle from excelling in a project that is both exciting and interesting for you.

When I first started drawing for both the Etsy Shop and Instagram, I would feel the personal pressure of attempting to create drawings and products that would grab attention quickly, lack a unique style and was designed based on what others had wanted, during that time, rather than what I personally desired. It was this struggle of attempting to figure out what was the 'trend' to hop on at that moment so I could try as well. The more I would attempt to put down an idea a certain way, the outcome of the presentation was just not acceptable, would frustrate me further and had just become another draft on my tablet left untouched.

Note: When it comes to multiple drafts, I had learned that it's actually good to have multiple drafts since you can go back to them, look them over, actually gain more ideas from the draft and transform it from its original concept.

Even projects, such as my Webtoon, "Tootie Talks," faced the result of my inability to confidently put out drawings that made me feel content. It was the obsessive factor of constantly asking others if they found the comic's funny within every page creation rather than having trial and errors to learn from. Since I do struggle to be 'comedic,' since I'm not a funny person and I do try hard to be comedic since I do have a desire to make people laugh with drawings I make.

Even with all this mentioned, I've learned from others that I shouldn't have to personally pressure myself to to follow the group and just do my own thing, at my own pace. That even though my growth may not be as immediate, or quick, in comparison to others, it's acknowledged better when it comes from a place of interest, passion and personal pride. I've taken time to learn and understand that even though the multiple projects take time, there is a unique way that only I can do them. Besides this, they will develop overtime with results that I can be proud of since they will come from a place of passion rather than pressure.

Recently, I had felt inspired to post a couple of Art Tik Tok videos on my Tik Tok Account that I really enjoyed creating and apparently they were well received so that's why it's important to take some chances and give your creative and passionate side a chance.

Feel free to comment on any projects that you are currently working on and how you've kept yourself focused and on task with it.

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