About Me: 


First and foremost, Thank You So Much For visiting my site... I am Bianca, the one-woman band behind Bibipatootie22 and PeacefulPatootie.


I created PeacefulPatootie as a small, but slowly growing, Illustration business that is within the confines of my own office space in Florida. I am proceeding with selling a small range of prints, pins (within the near future) & a few extra goodies. I will also continue to take on commercial work while also managing my own process of becoming a webtoon creator! 

I had originally created Bibipatootie22 as my way of immersing myself into the world of live streaming. For the past couple of years, I have been live streaming games but have mainly shifted into doing more art streams. I have always had a passion for illustration but never sought it out as something to do during my live streams. However, I have been doing a lot more art streams and currently, I am close to obtaining my Bachelor's degree. 

Being a part time university student, I tend to focus on balancing out my daily schedule of work, school and daily live streaming. I normally do my best to maintain a consistent schedule and stay in the loop with my streaming family and friends on a daily basis. There are times where I do get overwhelmed but I tend to focus on taking it one day at a time.

After a lot of research, I had decided to open up an e-commerce store, this allows me to have full control of the creativity reigns. Slowly but surely, I will have varying designs - I can honestly say this is, and live streaming, are my passion and I want to continue to pursing them. I am honestly grateful for the daily opportunities I have to create and illustrate what are my favorite designs and colors which are inspired by things I enjoy the most and that I consistently think about (Anime, Food & dreamy thoughts). Also, to be able to create content for people that find enjoyment in it as well!

PeacefulPatootie as a brand is small but is slowly getting bigger and bigger every day, and I have huge dreams and ambitions for the future. So follow me, subscribe to my newsletter, or come visit me over on social media and my live streams to watch how Bibipatootie22 and PeacefulPatootie grow as a brand and business.



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