About Me: 


I am Bianca F., a recent graduate student from the University of Central Florida. I graduated  this past spring semester with a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Communications.



Over the course of my 4 year attendance at UCF, I have gained work experience within the English, Aviation and Engineering fields based upon my desire to be a flexible asset to future employers. To further my interest in career field flexibility, I have obtained coding experience to assist within the expansion of my own Technical Writing Skills. Within the Aviation field, I have worked as a Tooling Clerk, Technical Librarian and Technical Writing Associate for two repair stations; Summit Aerospace locally and Airgroup Dynamics remotely. Recently, my course team and I have worked alongside the Absofruitly business to create an entirely new commercial website to increase online traffic to the business.

Faceless Beauty Portrait.png
Faceless Beauty Portrait.png

My future aspirations are to excel within the Technical Writing field as an established Technical and Freelance Writer. Currently, I am the creator, owner, writer and manager of my own social media platforms for my Etsy Shop Business, PeacefulPatootie and my blog, PeacefulPatootie.com

My aspirations stem from the my key passion's of both Writing and Drawing within my life that is demonstrated daily through the quality designs and professional communication that I have presented to clients (Please see Portfolio). PeacefulPatootie, as a personal brand, has been slowly growing over time by providing pre-designed and custom commission designs for Twitch.tv users. Within my pathway of maintaining both a technical and creative career, I have dreams and ambitions for the future that will continue to inspire and motivate me each and every day.